Who We Are

Our Expertise: The Hague Council is skillfully prepared to share its know-how and expertise to create a solid organization for and with international law professionals, strengthen existing justice institutions, and close the divide between theory and practice.

The Hague Council's team has extensive experience in:

  • practicing law in domestic and international institutions such as ICTY, ICTR, ICC, ICJ, SCSL, the EU, and top domestic law firm and prosecutorial office,
  • carrying out policy-relevant research as well as designing and running projects and capacity building programs for justice experts and practitioners around the world in research institutions such as the Asser Institute, Clingendael, the Hague Institute for Global Justice, the European University Institute, WIIS, and the Alliance for Peacebuilding, and
  • building a strong network of international donors and partners.

Our Mission: The Hague Council aims to create a platform for those working in the field of international justice to share knowledge and best practices and to challenge paradigms together in The Hague and beyond.  We are a membership-based organization bridging across generations, disciplines, and institutions, with programming driven by and relied upon its diverse members.