Meet Our Team

Our project is led by passionate volunteers and powered by the Hague Project on Peace and Justice, and advised by the same board of directors.


Dr. Aaron Matta is an expert on international and EU law. His area of interest is the intersection of law and governance in the external relations of the EU and international justice institutions. He focuses on rule of law promotion in conflict-affected areas where rule of law and justice needs are particularly pressing. Dr. Matta has experience in designing, delivering and managing capacity building programs for judges, prosecutors and other civil servants in several countries on issues ranging from access to and administration of justice, to rule of law and institution building issues. He previously worked at the EU Commission, the International Court of Justice, the International Criminal Court, the Asser Institute and the Hague Institute for Global Justice.


Throughout her twelve years of professional experience, Marie-Laure Poiré has developed expertise in program management, community building and communication. While at The Hague Institute for Global Justice, The Alliance for Peacebuilding, or at Women in International Security (WIIS), Marie-Laure designed and implemented numerous programs aimed at communicating, briefing, and informing partners and supporters from the private, public and nonprofit sectors, on national and international security issues while providing them with leadership, mentorship, and professional development opportunities. Marie-Laure has experience managing a large network of experts from around the world, assessing its needs and providing specific programs to answer those needs. Marie-Laure enjoys nurturing communication with critical stakeholders as well as fostering greater interaction and knowledge-sharing amongst a community of experts.